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Health and Wellbeing

Welcome to the Health and Well Being Area of Learning for Year 4!

Please encourage your child to complete these activities to boost their mental and physical well being. These could be done solo or as a family. Enjoy, relax, and use these activities as an opportunity to unwind and recharge!


1. Sit legs crossed in a quiet space. Eyes closed. Deep breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth. Think about what do you hear? Smell? Feel? Make a list in your mind of reasons to be happy, and things that you are grateful for in that moment. Continue for 5 minutes.


2. Using the knowledge learnt from our weekly cooking sessions in Owl class, think about what food you have on your plate. Can you draw your health plate? And label the food groups within that plate?


3. Put on your favourite song and make up a dance routine! You could record this routine and share it with your friends through email. Get your family and friends involved!


4. If you have a garden or an open space available to you, design an obstacle course for you and your family and friends. Time who can complete it the fastest, the fastest person, wins!


5. Stay hydrated with water. Keep a tally chart of how many glasses of water you drink a day. Who drinks the most in your house? You could make posters to stick around the house to encourage others to stay hydrated!


6. Hand washing is more important now than ever. Please keep washing your hands, and as we say in class 'stay happy, stay kind, stay hand washing!'. You could create a television advert to encourage others to wash their hands too.


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