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Welcome to the Language Area of Learning for the Year 4 Owls!


Please find within this page useful links and activities.


When possible, ensure your child is reading at home. The Owls have spent a lot of time this academic year reading for pleasure and so please try to maintain this passion at home during this time. The children are able to read from a variety of texts on Giglets or any other story books which you may have.


If the children complete any written work in their purple books provided or online, please email it to Miss Wade/Miss Sanderson using their email addresses on the Year 4 Class Page - we would love to read what the children have done and for them to share their learning with us.



Written Tasks 

Complete these written tasks independently, with family or friends. You can use the purple book provided to you in your home learning pack or a note book or paper you may have at home.

When completed, please email to your teacher, they would love to read them! (email addresses on CLASS PAGE).


1. Think about the story 'The Clock Work Crow' which you read with Miss Wade. Think of the charaters Seren, Tomos, Mrs. Villiers. Write a letter from one of these characters. Who are you writing to? Why are you writing? How is the character feeling? What could they be wanting to tell someone in the letter? Remember: to make a successful letter you need, two addresses, a date, an introduction and an appropriate sign off.


2. Think back to the Autumn Term when we read 'Charlotte's Webb'. Write a diary entry pretending to be Wilbur. You may wish to write about the time he met Charlotte, or went to the Fayre, or his relationship with the other animals on the farm. Remember: to write a successful diary you need the date, dear diary, include your feelings and thoughts, interesting information and an appropriate sign off.


3. Our topic this Spring Term has been Wonderful Wales. You have spent some time researching Welsh Sports Stars to create an information text. Choose something 'Wonderfully' Welsh to you, a Welsh sports team, pop star, food or place. Research your chosen subject and create an information poster. Remember: to make a successful information poster you need an appropriate heading, subheadings, information gathered through reading books/online, pictures and diagrams.


4. We have most recently read Roald Dahl's 'Fantastic Mr. Fox', however to our surprise the story finished on a cliff hanger! Please continue the story from where it ends with the animals underground together and the farmers waiting above. You may wish to create a story map first to illustrate your ideas in picture form before writing. Remember: a successful story needs an introduction, build up, drama, resolution and ending. 



Handwriting Practice - In the books provided in your home learning pack, rewrite a selection of these poems using your best handwriting.

Popping Punctuation - Choose the appropriate punctuation to fill in the balloons. You can write these sentences in your purple book provided in your home learning pack.

Powerful Adjectives - Choose the most powerful adjective to complete the sentences.

Story Setting Descriptions - Use the words provided and your own WOW words to describe these story settings. Because this could be the start of you writing a wonderful story?

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