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Miss Tucker

Welcome to Miss Tucker's class!

Croeso I ddosbarth Miss Tucker!


Hello Turtles!

Hope you are doing well and staying safe.

From Monday (20th April) I will be uploading 3 fun activities for you to complete at home with your family every week onto our class page.

To stay in contact we will be using the SeeSaw app which I will shortly be sending a text to your mums and dads to use. Once you have downloaded the SeeSaw app onto your electronic devices (smart phones/ipads/laptops etc) you will have your own unique code which you will need to have to log in (this code will be in the text). You can complete the tasks and show me your wonderful work by uploading it onto this app. I will be able to respond and be able to talk to you and your family to see how you are all doing through this hopefully making it easier for everyone. If you do not receive a text by Monday or have difficulties with the app then please email me to let me know. My email address is


Here are your 3 activities for the week commencing the 11th of May, hope you enjoy them!



Week beginning: 11/05/20






This week we are learning to:

Make Patterns!

Draw/Create super worm a patterned striped body

You can use two different colours of your choice in the worms body e.g. red, blue, red, blue, red, ?

Send me a picture of your patterned worm.

Challenge if too easy add 3 colours or try it with shapes. E.g circle, square, triangle, circle….what would come next? I will upload worksheets as well if you want to give them a go! Here is a website which we used in school.

This week we are learning to:

Collect Sounds!

Wriggle on the floor like a worm and collect the correct sounds that your mum/dad/guardian sound out!

Lay out 5 different sounds at a time that we have learnt and see if your child can collect the correct sound you make. Watch the video for an example.

Challenge if too easy sound out a CVC word e.g C…a….t…. and see if they can hear what the word is.

This week we are learning to:

Look for Mini Beasts!

You can either look in books, online or look for real ones outside!

Use the sheet to help you know which mini beast you have found. Did you find super worm?

Draw, craft or describe your minibeasts. You could send me a picture with a voice message! Tell me where did you find it? Was it under a rock? On your windowsill? In soil? How many have you found? How many legs has it got?



 Fun Friday – Junk Modelling

After listening to the story ‘Super Worm’ can you build him a home?

Super worm says that his house MUST have…

  • 4 windows
  • 2 doors
  • And 1 roof

Take a picture and upload it to SeeSaw 😊

Class Message: “Hello Turtles, hope you are all well. Here are this week’s challenges. We won’t be returning back to school at least until the 1st of June when we will be updated further. That does mean we have another 3 weeks of home learning. Please continue uploading your work as it is lovely to see you working so hard.”

To give your child the best start in Reception begin to teach them sounds at home. Use the videos in the link below from RWI to help. 
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