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Miss Tucker

Welcome to Miss Tucker's class!

Croeso I ddosbarth Miss Tucker!


Hello Turtles!

Hope you are doing well and staying safe.

From Monday (20th April) I will be uploading 3 fun activities for you to complete at home with your family every week onto our class page.

To stay in contact we will be using the SeeSaw app which I will shortly be sending a text to your mums and dads to use. Once you have downloaded the SeeSaw app onto your electronic devices (smart phones/ipads/laptops etc) you will have your own unique code which you will need to have to log in (this code will be in the text). You can complete the tasks and show me your wonderful work by uploading it onto this app. I will be able to respond and be able to talk to you and your family to see how you are all doing through this hopefully making it easier for everyone. If you do not receive a text by Monday or have difficulties with the app then please email me to let me know. My email address is


Here are your 3 activities for the week commencing the 15th of June, hope you enjoy them!



Week beginning: 15/06/20                             Read the story – ‘Paula the Vet’

Theme:  people who help us – Vets   




This week we are learning to:

Understand daily routines


Look at Milo the dog’s daily routine. You can use his routine for some ideas of your own.

 As we are not in school, I would love to know what you are doing to keep yourselves busy. Think of 4 events you take part in most days and take a picture. Upload them onto seesaw and tell me what you are doing and when in the day e.g. morning, mid-day, afternoon, evening, night.


As an extra challenge can you include the words ‘before’ and ‘after’? For example, “before I have my lunch I go on a walk” “after my lunch I go and read my books”



This week we are learning to:

Make an appointment card


Vets need to write down the details of when you should come in and visit them with your pet. To make sure you don’t miss your appointment they will write it down on a card.


Create your own appointment card.

You must include the following:


  1. Draw a picture of the animal (don’t forget to colour it in!)
  2. Use the attached read write inc sound card to help you write the name of the animal e.g c-a-t. Find the sounds using the card and see if you can write each sound by yourself!

(guardians don’t worry about spelling the main thing is they are beginning to try and sound out the word they want to spell out themselves and beginning to form letters!)

  1. Write down the time of the appointment, 1, 2, 3 o’clock? You pick a number and practise writing it.

This week we are learning to:

                 Care for others


As a vet it is important that you care for the animals as they normally visit the vet unwell and upset. It is your job as a vet to look after them and to make them better.


Chose your favourite cuddly toy (preferably an animal but any toy will do) and I would like YOU to use SeeSaw to take a picture of how you are looking after them.


Are you giving them food/water?

Are you keeping them warm?

Are you exercising them?

Are you putting them to bed?


Guardians this is also an ICT skill for children to take the pictures, of course assist them by showing them how but give them a chance to see if they can remember themselves as well.



Friday Activity - Physical Education / Creative Movement

Have an Animal Race!


Watch this video to see which animal you would like to be.


Practise the actions for a few of your favourites then go and see if you can remember them. Ask your guardian to shout out a different animal at a time and race around your house/garden acting them out.


Did you remember them? Why not put some music on and think of other animals you could be? Remember animals don’tnormally stand still…keep moving around in your space!


What is happening to your breathing when you are exercising?  After you have run around put your hand on your chest, what can you feel? What do you think that is? Touch your forehead, what does that feel like? Is it hot? Cold?



To give your child the best start in Reception begin to teach them sounds at home. Use the videos in the link below from RWI to help. 
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