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Welcome to our Year 4 class page!


Every Monday at 9am we will be setting activities for you here on our class page.

Please complete and return to us by Friday using the email addresses below:


Miss Sanderson:

Mrs Castle:


If you have any questions or need any help with the activities then please send us an email and we will get back to you as soon as we can. 


You can also contact your teacher through the teacher contact forms below.

Week beginning: Monday 13/07/20

Due back: Friday 17/7/20 (post on Seesaw or email teachers)

Theme: Olympics


Our topic is.....



The Olympics


Important message about this week's activities:

Each of these tasks will be broken down into three smaller chunks. One of these chunks will be ‘starred’ (***) and this is the activity that we will do with you in class on the day you are in school. If you are not returning, then all three chunks should be completed at home.

This week we are learning to: add a 2-digit number to a 3-digit number using partitioning and recombining


***Task 1 - This week we are learning to: add a 2-digit number to a 3-digit number using partitioning and recombining***


***Please watch the video from Mrs Castle on partitioning and recombining then answer the addition number sentences below. The video can be found in 'Resources' - 'Numeracy'.  Please select a mild, medium or hot challenge and write your answers down showing how you have partitioned and recombined your number sentences. There is also an example below. 







37 + 42

37 + 142

237 + 142


81 + 17

81 + 517

381 + 517


26 + 83

26 + 683

126 + 683


71 + 23

71 + 423

571 + 423


53 + 12

53 + 212

753 + 212


41 + 67

41 + 867

141 + 867


54 + 73

54 + 373

354 + 373


45 + 31

45 + 731

245 + 731


67 + 22

67 + 822

167 + 822


12 + 74

12 + 574

212 + 574


Activity 2 - WALT recognise patterns that arise in numbers

Please select one of the place value challenges from the resources below to continue the number sequences. Please choose a mild, medium or hot challenge from 'Resources' - 'Numeracy'.  



Activity 3 - WALT identify multiples of 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 10

A multiplication challenge has been set for you on Seesaw. Please logon to complete this challenge. Remember to select ‘maths’ at the first page. If you need any help, please contact Mrs Castle.




TASK 1: This week we are learning to: identify verbs, adjectives and adverbs.

Scroll down to 'Resources' -> 'Literacy' and watch Miss Sanderson's 5 minute teaching video to help you with this task. The resource you need is also in this folder. You can complete this task straight onto Seesaw or write the sentences out to practise your handwriting.


TASK 2: We are learning to: stretch a sentence to add interest for the reader.

This week we are going to learn how to ‘stretch’ a sentence to make it more interesting for the reader. This means we add in a little bit extra at each stage to tell the reader more. So let’s start….

WHO? The cheeky hedgehog.

DID WHAT? The cheeky hedgehog shuffled.

WHERE? The cheeky hedgehog shuffled across the garden.

WHY? The cheeky hedgehog shuffled across the garden because he needed to get home.

HOW? The cheeky hedgehog quickly shuffled across the garden because he needed to get home.

WHEN? Every morning, the cheeky hedgehog quickly shuffled across the garden because he needed to get home.


Are you pleased with your final sentence? Or could you add in any more detail? Perhaps you could add in a few more adjectives for description, e.g. the overgrown garden.


Have a go at doing this yourself and share your sentences with us on SeeSaw. I would love to see you building up your sentences so present them in the same way I have above here.

Please do this for at least three different sentences.


**TASK 3: We are learning to: use features of poetry writing.**

Have you heard of an acrostic poem? Type it into Google and see what you get! The letters along the side spell out a word and are used as the first letter of each line of the poem.


This week we are going to write acrostic poems about The Olympics.

Here is an example:

In your poem try to make your reader feel like they are at the Olympics! You can do this by:

• Referring to the 5 senses: see, hear, smell, taste, touch,

• Using some longer lines and some very short ones to create excitement

• Use some adventurous adjectives ( will help you!)


You can hand write or type your poem but remember to present it neatly and beautifully!


TASK 1: This week we are learning to: develop and communicate our design ideas.

This week we would like you to get crafty and draw/make:

1) Olympic medal

2) Olympic kit

3) Olympic torch

You can choose one or all three! Think about how you can use materials from around the house (with parent/carer permission).

You can use the design sheets found in the Resources section or take a photo of what you have created. We would love to see any videos of you explaining your creations!


**TASK 2: We are learning to develop and communicate our design ideas.**

Do you know what a mascot is? A mascot is a character that brings good luck to something like an event!

At TRP, our Rights Respecting mascot is Riley! Cyril the Swan is the mascot for the football team Swansea City!


At every Olympics there is a mascot that brings luck to the event and symbolises the hosting country in some way. Look through the past Olympic mascots on this website and learn all about them -


If the Olympics was hosted in Wales, what would the mascot look like? Your task is to design an Olympics mascot including a name, labelled picture and description.

Think about how different parts of your mascot could symbolise different things, e.g.

• Olympics colours, the 5 rings or a sports outfit could symbolise the sporting event;

• A daffodil, dragon or leek could symbolise Wales;

• Holding hands, rainbow colours or links could symbolise friendship between countries.


Draw your mascot straight onto Seesaw, draw on paper and take a picture, or even create a 3D model of your mascot using things you can find around the house. Let your creativity shine!



This week we are learning to: focus on our surroundings to keep our mind grounded.


Our theme for well-being this week is ‘take notice’. Paying more attention to your surroundings can help keep your mind grounded and stop it getting carried off by spiraling uncontrolled thoughts and worries. Focus on the here and the now and can be a powerful way to help to deal with anxiety. 


***TASK 1


Make or draw a gratitude tree and write all of the things that you are grateful for on the leaves. This might include people in your life, things that you have, where you live, music, sleep, baths, going on adventures etc. Or anything that you are grateful for. We can't wait to read your ideas!





Take note of one thing that makes you feel excited and one thing that makes you feel calm.





Listen to the mindfulness story in 'Resources' - 'Well-being'. When it is finished, write down how it made you feel.


13/7/20: Activities explained by Miss Sanderson

Still image for this video
Hello Owls,

Please watch this video all the way through as I've included some important and exciting information about moving up to Year 5 as well as going through this week's activities.

Thank you for your continued hard work. You are all stars!

Miss Sanderson

How to logon to Sumdog

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Instructional video of how to logon to Sumdog and what it will look like when you do.

We are pleased to announce that our star of the week is Jayden for a fantastic first day back in school and giving his all when carrying out activities!

Teacher Contact Form - Miss Wade

Please use this contact form to contact Miss Wade regarding any queries you may have about home learning or activities to do at home.

Teacher Contact Form - Miss Sanderson

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Teacher Contact Form - Mrs Castle

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