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smiley  Welcome to your Year 3 class page  smiley

You can use this page to access new resources and ideas for your home learning, as well as the packs we have sent home. 

It's important to stay busy and have fun! 

If you have any learning questions, please email me:

Week beginning: 6/7/2020

Theme: The Olympics (All Resources on Seesaw)


WALT: recap subtraction and addition methods


Check out the videos from Miss White and Miss George on Seesaw.


We want you to use a dice/ number generator/ family member, to create a number sentence for you. Our examples use 2 digits but you can challenge yourself to use 3 digits also.


Follow the videos for more information J


WALT: accurately identify the topic and main ideas of a text

This week, I would like you to read the story about Ryan Giggs and ‘The Greatest FA Cup Goal Ever Scored’. There is a set of questions for you to answer to see how much you understood the text. It is important to read a range of texts so this story is in a comic book form with lots of pictures.

Ryan is a sporting legend and was captain of the Great British team that competed in the 2012 London Summer Olympics. This story is not about his Olympic moment, but it is about a big part of his sporting journey.

You may want to complete the task on Seesaw or on Giglets.

Don’t forget to check out the range of books to read on Giglets J

Topic – The Olympics

(WALT: choose appropriate materials, ingredients, equipment, tools/utensils and techniques, from a range made available to them)

WALT: create a 3D model of an Olympic event.

We want you to be really creative this week! Can you create a 3D model of an Olympic event, using bits from around your house and crafting materials. There are some pictures attached for inspiration. It can be as big or small as you like! This is a D&T task so we want to see your imagination and crafting skills come to life! Have fun!



This week we are learning to: keep active

KS2 are currently following a well-being calendar. This week were are focusing on ‘being active’.

We would like you to create a dance to your favourite song and film it! It would be amazing if you could get some of your family involved and were active together! Please send us a video, or if you are feeling shy, a picture would be great also!

Keep your body moving!

Class Message: Hello Year 3! How are you all doing? If you have any questions
about the learning, send me a message
J Well done to Iker and Nichol, our stars
of the week!

Make a time capsule for your future self about your time at home!

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