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smiley  Welcome to your Year 3 class page  smiley

You can use this page to access new resources and ideas for your home learning, as well as the packs we have sent home. 

It's important to stay busy and have fun! 

If you have any learning questions, please email me:

Week beginning: 11/7/2020

Theme: The Olympics (All Resources on Seesaw)


WALT: identify fact families

  1. This week we are carrying on our revision of the four main operations + - x ÷ This is a fantastic video from Mrs B explaining a fact family. A fact family allows us to use things we already know, to answer different questions. There are some examples in the video for you to try. I have also attached some templates for you to try. There are * and ** levels of challenges ( I would really like you to complete them all, but don't worry if they are too tricky)
    Extra Challenge - Can you make up 5 examples of a + - fact family and 6 examples of a x ÷ family
  2. There are some activities for you to complete on Sumdog


WALT: Write a biography about ourselves

In preparation for your next class teacher, please fill in the personal profile sheet. This will help your new teacher get to know you before September. You may want to add some pictures. I have attached my profile as an example.

I will also send you the profile from your new teacher so that you can get to know them!

Topic – The Olympics

WALT: experiment with and examine the methods used by other artists from different cultures

This week, we are going to be looking at videos and pictures of The Forest Lights Art Gallery in Tokyo. Tokyo is the next host city for the Olympics. The Forest of Lights Art Gallery is a digital gallery and all of the art is created by computers. View the Powerpoint on Seesaw to see photo examples and watch this clip for more information. After you have looked at them, think about how did they make you feel? What sorts of colours are used?

I would like you to choose one of the pictures and use it to inspire your own interpretation. Create your own version using whatever materials you have, you may want to use chalk, finger paints, crape paper etc.



WALT: develop, consolidate and then apply the skills and techniques needed to take part in a variety of competitive activities


This week in school we will be having a mini Olympics! I have attached some ideas for indoor and outdoor competition at home.

I have also added a medal template if you would like to make some and present them in your very own medal ceremony! Play the Welsh National Anthem and feel proud of your sporting accomplishments.

We would love to see some photos and videos!

Class Message: Hello Year 3! I will be sharing your new teacher profile with you.

This is your last week of year 3! We will miss you so much. Your reports are at
the school office for you to collect. I have shared some summer learning hints and tips but this will be that last week that you have new weekly tasks on  Seesaw. Thank you for your engagement with home learning! You have all impressed me each week and I have loved seeing your uploads! Have a lovely Summer

Make a time capsule for your future self about your time at home!

Contact Miss White by email regarding home learning

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