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Mr Davies

Welcome to Mr. Davies' class!
Croeso I ddosbarth Mr. Davies!

Week beginning: 06.07.20


Activities with a * will be completed in class  


This week we are learning to review our maths knowledge and understanding 



We will be using a new platform called SUMDOG!  

This will help us to improve our maths skills.  


This week your challenge is just to get logged in and have an explore! 


You can either access Sumdog via your web browser using this link: 

or you can download the Sumdog App (education). 


Once you are logged in you should select the Maths option. You will then be taken through some very simple questions. Take the time to do these as Sumdog needs to work out your level from your answers. 


You can then play the games available which builds up your points and wins you animals! 


Mental Maths 

Using the review sheets in Seesaw / Teams to quiz your knowledge and skills. 

1.Arithmetic *  

2.Measure review 

3.Mental review



Swansea Virtual Schools

Watch other maths lessons on our Swansea Virtual Schools. Here is one for you to watch.




We will be continuing to develop our reading skills to help us complete comprehension. 


WALT use ambitious vocabulary 


This week Arlo wiLL be helping us with our vocabulary. This means that he is there to help you spot examples of ambitious vocabulary and figurative language within the text. 


-Bravery on the Seas

-Silken City

-The Grey House

-The Sunset Sailor


Use the PowerPoint provided and then have a go at the questions. 



WALT use relative clauses to add detail to a setting description. 

This lesson includes: 


Please watch the two videos and complete the three activities using the link below. 


Activity 1 - Can you highlight the relative clauses in the text? 

Activity 2 - Picture of a bear. 

Activity 3 - Explore relative clauses more by trying this fun activity. 




We will use the skills we have been learning over the previous few weeks. I would like you to complete some reading on Giglets. Once you have completed your current book there should be the following to complete: 

-HOTS activities 

-Reading test 


If you need a new book/activity please send me a message/e-mail. 



Anywhere Island to hold the Olympics 2021 


Make sure you have completed previous home learning before starting these next two tasks.


Lesson 5: Stop the Press! Designing new species! 

•Which animal group does it belong to? 

•What does its diet consist of? 

•What are its predators? 

•What is its natural habitat? 

•What makes it unique? 

•What does it look like? 

•What will you name it? 


Lesson 6: Developing a Tourism Industry 

•Why would tourists want to visit your island? 

•What unique features does it have? 

•What sights could they see? 

•What activities could they participate in? 


Please check SeeSaw/Teams for more detail and resources. 

Wellbeing - Be Active 


*Take part in a safely spaced physical session in the classroom.





*Create a weekly timetable of daily activities that can be undertaken in the next week. Create a space for results to be recorded. Use Powerpoint and insert a table onto the page. 


*Y6 Leavers video – If you are not attending school, record your leavers video with your favourite memories of being a pupil at Terrace Road. 



Message : Hi boys and girls.


I cannot believe that we are back! It was amazing to see your smiling faces last week and I hope that we have another few weeks of fun and learning. 


Year 6 need to send me a baby picture this week if possible. This way I can edit the video ready for our virtual leavers event next week. 


Don't forget to  check into Teams this week and interact with some of our learning that children are completing in school.



Mr. D


Contacting Mr.D

I have created sub-pages for home learning. There are some great links for you to explore.

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