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Hello Badgers and welcome to your class page! Here you will find activities to help you carry on learning at home. Mrs Darbyshire & Mrs Stanhope are so proud of the progress you have made so far this year and know you will carry on being the very best you can be at home. 

We miss you lots, and know this may be a worrying time for some of you; hopefully this link may help explain to your children a little better about what is going on in the world currently -


***From Monday 20th April we will be putting 3 weekly activities for you on to the app/web page 'SeeSaw'.  This is something your child has used in class and will make it much easier for us to communicate with you all and help everyone! 

All you need to do is download the app or search for it on the internet. You will receive a text before Monday with a special code to help you get onto your child's activities.***


If anyone needs to contact us you can do so by emailing:


Please read the document below to find this week's home learning activities smiley

Week beginning: 13/07/20

Theme: Sports day & Transition

A little message: This week’s theme will be about moving up to your new class and having lots of fun carrying out your own ‘Mini Olympic themed Sports day’! I can’t believe that this will be the last home school learning post until September. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication at home. We have been so proud of all of your hard work and have really loved seeing all of your amazing learning on Seesaw over the past few months.  

What are we doing when we are in School?

Numeracy and Literacy Starter activity

Outdoor Learning in Norfolk Lodge

Story time


Numeracy – Recapping our knowledge about time so we can time ourselves doing different activities for our mini sports day.


Literacy – Practising our sounds and reading the story ‘Jungle sports day’ thinking about alliteration.


Mini Olympic Sports Day


You will do a few of the following activities:


  • Create an Olympic torch and then use it to recreate an Olympic parade.


  • Sports day races and activities like egg and spoon race


  • Building trophies and creating medals


2 stories this week!


The Frog Olympics




Sports day in the jungle




What can you do at home?






Maths for the week: Take part in the sports day activities and vote for your favourites.

You can either use the cards on Seesaw, make up your own activities or use the video to decide what activities you want to do.

You could then vote which was the favourite and create a pictogram on JIT. You could also record the winner, keep score, calculate totals and use timers – lots of opportunities to use maths!


Moving to Y2 and Y3 Skills


This week have a look at the checklist for things that will help you next year. 


Have a little look - some things may be useful to work on over the Summer e.g. key words. Some things may just be reminders…

This activity does not have to completed on Seesaw but is there to help you when thinking about returning to school in September.  If you want to choose a skill to work on this week then post photos and videos in the usual way.





Mrs Darbyshire and I have loved being your teachers this year and have lots of amazing memories from this year. We hope you all do too! On your Seesaw activity, you will find a fact file about your new teacher. Your new teacher will either be Mrs James or Mrs Idris. We know you will love being in their classes and we have so much fun planned for September already!


1. Monday: Read the information about your new teacher. There is a little fact file about your new teacher – read the information and answer some of the questions. How exciting!


2. Wednesday: Respond to your new teacher by making your own mini fact file. Now that you have read the information, make your fact file and I will send it onto your new teacher.


Foundation Phase Sports Day


Watch the video and pause to have a look at some of the activities that you can take part in.

Once you have decided which activities you would like to do then start planning your day.

Think about:

  • Your activities that you want to do
  • Where you want to have your sports day?
  • Who will take part?
  • What healthy snack you will have
  • How will you reward your efforts?

Another activity on Seesaw will be to: Design your own sports’ kit to wear in an Olympic themed Sport Day.


  • What colours will you choose?
  • Can you design a logo to put on

your sports’ kit?



Week beginning: 06/07/20

Theme: Staycation!

A little message:

Some of you may have missed a holiday this year or wanted to go out and explore but couldn’t go anywhere due to the virus. So, we are having a ‘Staycation’ this week, we will be having a camp out in school and at home. If you have a tent – put it up and pretend to go camping as we explore the outdoors like a wilderness explorer! (But watch out, there may be some bears about!)


What are we doing when we are in School?

Numeracy and Literacy Starter activity

Outdoor Learning in Norfolk Lodge

Story time


Numeracy – Money – coin recognition

Children will be recalling coins they already know and learning those they do not. We will be practising a little adding with these coins.


Literacy – Read Write Inc sounds, exploring postcards and their features and lots of stories!


Camping Outdoors!


  • Building their own campfire with sticks and leaves from the outdoors to have hot chocolate around.
  • Learning some campfire songs and singing songs
  • Checking if there has been a bear on our campsite but following the scavenger hunt
  • Thinking about the adjectives in ‘bear hunt’ and trying to find objects that make the same sounds, etc.





2 stories this week!


We are going on a bear hunt




Meerkat Mail



What can you do at home?





WALT: recognise coins and give change


1. Monday: Revise the coins and play some coin games.  You could:

  • Play a splat game with coins
  • Do some coin rubbings and match the coin to the rubbing that you made.
  • Set up a list of jobs to do for the day where your child could earn a little bit of pocket money and then add up what they have at the end of the day. It could be jobs like: Help set the table etc

2. Wednesday – Pay for items to camp with!

Have a look at the shop list that we will put onto Seesaw, then decide what you would buy for your camping trip! You could even set up a pretend camping shop and pretend to pack your bag by buying some items.


3. Friday - Change

You have been busy learning about subtraction. Could you practise giving some change and taking away with the coins?

Watch Mrs Darbshire’s video to help you with this.

WALT: write a postcard


1. Monday: We will be looking at postcards and what makes a good postcard. Watch my video talking about the different features of a postcard.

We will then be reading a story called ‘Meerkat Mail’ where there are lots of postcards in the story and answering some questions.


2. Wednesday: We will be thinking about who you are going to write to. Mrs Darbyshire has recorded a video talking about the different people you could write to. Can you then record who they want to write to?


3. Friday: Hold a sentence or two! We will post a video of how to write a postcard and help your child with writing a postcard.





WALT: create our own staycation








Set up your own campsite at home!

1. Monday: Think about what you are going to set up at home.

Are you going to make a little den with sheets and pillow, or are you going to make a tent with a pretend campfire?

Then, think about:

  • What are you going to do on your camping staycation?

Have a look at my video for some ideas!

  • What are you going to eat?

Are you going to have hot chocolate and marshmallows?

2. Wednesday Today could also make some posters for your campsite to help people know what is there and why it is a good campsite!


3. Friday Create your own marshmallow on a campfire art work



Daily Must-dos: Try to do a couple of these tasks everyday 


Log onto Oxford Owl or Giglets and read a story or part of a story 


Listen to a story – either from your teacher, online or from someone at home 


Sounds – 5-minute sound practise 


Sum dog to practise maths skills 

Keep active – go outside and do some exercise or complete a Joe Wickes PE Class 


Talk about your emotions daily    

Week beginning: 22.6.20

Theme: Inside Out: All about emotions




This week we are learning to:

Add using counting on


Day 1 Monday: Mental addition

For the fires session follow the video on Seesaw, listen carefully to the questions and work out the answers in your head. Once you have the answer shout it out!


Day 2 Wednesday: Practical addition

For the second session watch the video on Seesaw. Look at how the different items help you to add. Look around your house, what can you use to help you to add?


Day 3 Friday: Written addition

For the third session look at the questions on Seesaw. You have been practicing addition brilliantly this week and now it is time to have a go at writing down your answers. Read the question, if you can work out the answer in your head, if not use the practical way we practiced on Wednesday to work out the answers J


*** New games have also been assigned to you on Sumdog. Well done to those of you who have already logged in had a go. For anyone who needs their password again please just email or ask on Seesaw***



Useful websites:


Lins to HWB/SeeSaw:


This week we are learning to:

Understand emotions and link them to adjectives


Day 1 – Monday: thinking about emotions

For this first session, watch the video clip and then identify the emotions and think of times you may feel these ways.


Day 2 – Wednesday: adjectives

Watch the video all about adjectives. Use the characters to think of different adjectives to describe them.


Day 3 – Friday: Writing task – hold a sentence

This is your writing task. We can now write about the characters you have met. Watch the video and practise ‘hold the sentence’ in your head. Use this strategy to write about the characters and about times when you felt happy/sad, etc.


Useful websites:


Links to HWB/SeeSaw:


This week we are learning to:

Recognise our emotions

Listen to the story: 

 Silly Billy - Anthony Brown 


It has been a strange time over the past couple of months with lots of rules and restrictions in place for our safety. 

Some children may be feeling a little worried or anxious about leaving a parent to go back to school or staying with someone else if a parent/carer must go back to work.


Like the Silly Billy Story, have a chat with your child to check if they are worried about anything. It may be something small that is bothering them. If they have got a worry, make a little worry doll or box out of things you have in the house.

If you think that they are very happy, but you know someone who is very worried then perhaps you could make a worry doll for them or have it ready for when those worries may appear when they think about returning to school in September.

Daily Must do’s:

Log onto Oxford Owl and practise reading

Sounds – 5-minute sound practise when you can

Number writing 

Letter writing 

Sum dog to practise maths skills

Listen to a story – either from your teacher or from someone at home 

Keep active – go outside and do some exercise 

Talk about your emotions daily   



A little message:  We are starting something new this week, we will be posting some videos throughout the week instead of just posting the planning on the Sunday. You can see what the plan for the week is above but will be posting videos on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday with activities to complete.

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If you don't have an email please feel free to message Mrs Stanhope directly on here:

Listening to children  read is amazing but reading to them is so important! Read as many books as you can and explore the books and activities on Giglets using your child's log in. 
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