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Week beginning: 04.01.21

Theme:  New Year




This week we are learning to:

To tell the time.

To learn the days of the week and months of the year fluently.


This week we are going to focus on learning about time! You will be assigned three activities throughout the week.


Wednesday – Look at your first ‘time’ activity on Seesaw. We would like you to first remind yourself of the days of week and the months of the year. If you aren’t sure of them, you could make yourself a poster to display in your bedroom. Then complete the challenges and make your own clock to help you with the activities for Thursday and Friday. Look at the slides on Seesaw to help you with this.


Thursday – Look at your ‘Day 2 time activity’ on Seesaw. First you will need to make labels for your clock that you made in yesterday’s activity and then write the times for the clocks on the template attached to the activity.


Friday - We will be recapping our learning from this week. Then you will need to match the correct time to the clock or you will be assigned an activity where you will have to work out durations of time using your knowledge that you have learnt this week.


Useful websites:


Links to HWB/SeeSaw:

Here you will find the activities to complete this week.




This week we are learning to: sequence an event using a beginning, middle and ending.


This week we would like you to tell us about one of your favourite days from the Christmas break!



We would like you to think back to your Christmas holiday/ break and think of a few of your favourite days! Can you make a mind map of these favourite days, outlining what you did, who you did it with and how it made you feel?



 Using your mind map of your favourite days, pick ONE day to focus on. Was it a day you stayed up late? Was it a family film day? Whatever it was, I’d like you to now make a story board of your special day. You will need to draw pictures of what you did in the day and using full sentences, write down what is happening in the picture. Once you have completed your story board, you could write down a list of adjectives to describe the events of the day/ how you felt.



Now that we have done the preparation; I would love for you to write a recount or diary entry of your favourite day. Remember to use full stops, finger spaces, capital letters! Try your best to use connectives and adjectives!


Links to free resources

Check your Seesaw activity for a success criteria, sentences starters, adjectives word mat and an example of a mind map outline.


Links to HWB/SeeSaw:

Here you will find the activities to complete this week.

This week we are learning to: value and contribute to my own well-being.


This week We would like you to think about the New Year and how we can all start it with new goals.  We are going to plan and write a new year resolution.


Wednesday – Plan and complete the planning sheet to help you write your new year goal using the following subheading -

My goal is...

I will try harder to...

I would like to read...

I want to learn...


Thursday- Using the sentence starters and the Mrs James’ model we would like you to write your own paragraph.


Success Criteria:

I can write about my new year’s resolutions.

I can use a connective in my sentence

I can write about how I can achieve my New Year’s resolution. This is a link to a programme on HWB called Jit. If you would like to have a go at typing your work, then you can use this link. Have a go J




Friday – Make a family fun jar


A family fun jar is easy to make.


You will need:

Jar/container from around the house

Strips of paper


Together take turns to write a simple activity that everyone will enjoy. Place these in the jar ready to be used on a day when you have free time.


Useful links:


Links to HWB/SeeSaw:

Here you will find the activities to complete this week


Mental Maths - all activities available on


Wednesday: Counting in 2s, 5s, 10s *challenge count in 3s

Thursday:  Number bonds to 5, 10, 20 *challenge to 100

Friday: Place Value ‘Guess my number’ quiz – 1/10 more/less


Daily Well-being all available on Seesaw


Monday – Mindset Monday –

What is your goal this week? Can you set a mission for you and your friends/family


Tuesday – Tell Me Tuesday  

Record yourself and upload video onto Seesaw to check in how you are feeling and share any news.

Children without devices to check in with a family member and share news.


Wednesday – Would you rather?

 Live on the moon OR on the bottom of the sea?


Thursday – Thankful Thursday  

Write about 5 things you are thankful last year.


Friday – Feel good Friday

Post/write  a message to say how awesome someone is. Let’s make everyone feel good today.

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