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If you need to contact me, my email is: 



Here is the planning for the week beginning 1.06.20. Please go to your Seesaw page to see the activities that have been assigned to you. 


Week beginning: 1.6.20

Theme: Heroes  




This week we are learning to: 

Log into SumDog and use the games provided


As a school we are now using a new numeracy platform – SumDog – which will enable your children to play games and take part in online learning for maths.


Please see the announcement sent to your child’s seesaw to get your log in code.


Log in to the app/website and try out some of the games. Let us know which you enjoyed and how you got on.


Useful websites:


Links to HWB/SeeSaw: 

Here you will find the activities to complete this week. 

This week we are learning to:  

 write or talk about our favourite memories of the year.


Every year during summer term we ask you to think about what your favourite memories.

Even though this year is a little different, we still shared so many amazing times together!

Our time together this year has allowed us to create the best memories! From all the learning we have done together, all the books we have read, the stories we've learnt and written and all of the lovely experiences that we've had.

Look at the pictures and have a good think about your favourite time in school this year.

Once you have decided, write your response using the given template or you could record a voice note telling us what you enjoyed from our topics and special weeks!



Links to HWB/SeeSaw: 

Here you will find the activities to complete this week 

This week we are learning to: 

Create a healthy snack or meal, and become super fit with timed races


Carrying on with your superhero training this week, we want you to create a healthy snack or meal to ensure that superheroes become fit, healthy and have plenty of energy. Add pictures or instructions on how you made it onto seesaw for us to see! Secondly, we would like you to become super active, speedy superheroes and practise your racing this week. Use a timer to record your races every day – think about which was your best race (fastest) and how did you do it? Are you best at running or skipping or hopping? Use the template to record your times and you could add a video of you racing!


Success Criteria 

  • Your snack/meal must be balanced
  • Is your snack/meal providing energy? Is it healthy?
  • Can you use a timer accurately?
  • Be able to say which race was the fastest


Avengers warm up

Guess the vegetable game

Melon kebab video

Links to HWB/SeeSaw: Here you will find the activities to complete this week. 

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