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Mrs James

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This week i'd like you to complete the following tasks. Please send me your work on SeeSaw. Thank you for those of you that have already started communicating with me it's been so lovely. I will continue to phone parents over the next few days.

Keep safe and enjoy these activities.

Speak soon

Mrs James


Week beginning: 18.5.20

Theme: Heroes





This week we are learning to:

Practise measuring length using standard and non-standard units of measure.


For our maths learning this week, we would like you to practise measuring length. Please look at the posters on Seesaw. The first will remind the children how we measure/ what equipment we can use and the second has some suggested activities to do. Choose the activities that your child would like to complete and add their work to Seesaw.


Success Criteria

When you are measuring with the children, remind them to:

  • Look at the numbers carefully and make sure that they start with 0cm.
  • Make sure that their ruler/ tape measure is straight and next to the item that they are measuring.
  • Remember to add the unit of measure when they record their answer e.g. 10 cm.
  • If they are using a non-standard unit (e.g. blocks/hands/ feet) make sure that they don’t have any gaps. Each block needs to be touching.


Useful websites:


Links to HWB/SeeSaw:

Here you will find the activities to complete this week.

This week we are learning to:

Practise reading and writing using set 2 RWInc sounds


For literacy this week, we want you to refresh your memory on your set 2 sounds. We have provided a video on the activity on SeeSaw for you to watch Mrs Darbyshire and Mrs Stanhope go through the sounds.

Use the template to think of words with the sounds in. You could then practise the sounds by playing bingo with them, making vocabulary cards of words with the sounds in, sorting the sounds and writing some sentences with the words in.


Success Criteria

Make sure you can:

  • Use Fred Talk to read
  • Use Fred in your Head when confident enough
  • Use Fred Fingers when spelling words



Useful websites:


Links to HWB/SeeSaw:

Here you will find the activities to complete this week

This week we are learning to:

Use a variety of materials to build a Superhero Den

Lesson 1 : Building a Superhero Den

It looks like you’ve been working hard to get you ready for your superhero duties!

There’s just something missing… that’s it! Superhero Headquarters!

 Lots of superheroes have a den, lair or hideout where they can observe from afar and wait for the call to go and help people in need.

You can make your own den at home by using blankets, cushions and stable furniture like chairs or tables (make sure you ask an adult before moving any furniture). Why not add some wide sofa cushions to make doors? Large cardboard boxes can also a fantastic addition to a superhero den! How can you make it unique? Could you hang up your special superhero logo or some of the activities you’ve done for your superhero training so far? Once it’s complete, you can carry out some more superhero training inside your new headquarters!


Success Criteria

  • Your Superhero Den must provide shelter
  • It has to be safe
  • Everybody must work together


Train like Captain America


Links to HWB/SeeSaw: Here you will find the activities to complete this week.


Welcome to our class page :) please check out the subjects below for activities to support home learning. Please email me any questions or even share some of the work you have been doing. This will make me very happy :) 

Missing you all so much,

Mrs James  

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