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Mrs Roberts

Welcome to Reception! 

Class Teacher: Mrs Roberts

Class Teaching Asssitants: Miss Collier and Miss Thompson


We are all very proud of your achievements this year and know you will carry on being the best you can be! We are already missing you lots and hope to see you soon.This can be a worring time for lots of children and if you need help explaining what is happening this is a helpful resource:


I have uploaded lots of resources for you to download and use, have a look in the different sections: 

Any questions, please email me!


**NEW** 20.04.20: We will be using Seesaw for home learning tasks from Monday the 20th of April. Download the Seesaw app or log onto the website with your home learning code. You will have received this by text. 

Seesaw website:


Week beginning: 18/05/20

Theme: Superheroes

Book: Super daisy and the peril of planet pea

Link to book: (Author reading book)







Shapes – 3D shapes

Link to 3D shape video:


We began practising 3D shapes in the Spring term.

We were learning: cube, cuboid, sphere and pyramid. Sometimes we even practised ‘cylinder’.

1. Go on a 3D shape hunt around the house, what can you find.

2. Talk about each shape you have found.

3. You could build a 3D ‘pea eating’ monster from 3D shapes in your recycling to stop the peas invading our food! Make sure you name what shapes you have used.



New sounds


Set 1: ng and nk


Set 2: oo and oo  - what is the difference?


Game of the week!  Watch the video for a new game.




Talk confidently about our Reception memories


This week we want you to think about your highlights of your time in Reception. Use the photos to help you!


•What do you enjoy the most about being in Reception?

•What have you learnt?

•What was your favourite thing to do in class?

•What are you most looking forward to about when we get back to school?

•What do you want to be when you are older and why?


I will put together a little video of our memories when you have sent in your videos.


Superhero challenge: It is time for some PE!


Superheroes show great strength and determination!


How many star jumps can you do in a minute?


Another exercise challenge is to roll the dice with your family and keep that exercise going until it is your turn to roll again!



Fun Friday Activity! Foodie Friday:  Book:


Daisy does not like her vegetables but maybe if we made a delicious looking snack then she would like them. I wonder if we can convince her!


Use your veggies to make a delicious healthy sandwich or snack!

1. Think about your design first before making your snack – will you make a crazy face, a sad face, a grumpy face? (This may be a good chance to talk about emotions and what happens to your face when you feel anxious/excited) 

2. Choose which veggies you will use and prepare with an adult

3. Take a photo of your tasty snack

4. You could even write some instructions for super daisy!


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