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Please continue to read a range of texts. This could be a cook book, school book, comic, YouTube story, Giglets book, fact file, biography etc 


Please log into Giglets to access a range of texts, reading test style questions and Higher Order Thinking questions. There are plenty of tasks assigned to keep you busy laugh Scroll down for some ideas.

Both Year 3 classes can send Miss White a message on Giglets about the work.

Some of the books have music!

Music Challenge 
Step 1 - 
Play the theme music from the story

What does the music sound like?

How does the music make you feel?

What country do you think this music comes from?

What does the music make you think of?

What do you like about it?

What do you dislike about it?


Illustration Challenge

Step 1
Re-read the story or listen to the audio again.
Look again at the main picture.
Which event in the story (if any) is illustrated in the main picture?
What do you like about the main picture?
Is this how you imagined the characters would look?

Step 2
Identify other key events in the story.
Choose one of the key events and create an illustration based upon this scene.
Include as much detail as possible in their illustrations.



Prediction Challenge

Step 1 - Look at the front cover of the book and read the title
What can you see?
What do you think the story is going to be about?
Can you think of a story that you know that may be similar to this story?
Focus particularly on any aspects of the cover or the main picture that may seem unexpected or unfamiliar.

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