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Week 1: 20.4.20

Week beginning: Monday 20/4/20

Due back: Friday 24/4/20 (email to teachers)

Theme: Heroes


This week we are learning to: read and write numbers to 10 000.

What might your heroes look like?

For your numeracy activity this week you are going to make some Top Trump cards of your heroes. Your hero can be someone you know, someone who is famous or someone you have made up. 


You can draw a picture of your hero and write their name at the top of the card. Then you need to use numbers up to

10 000 for their superpowers which can be things like;

  • strength 
  • speed
  • intelligence
  • skills
  • reflexes

Please make 6 or more cards then play against someone in your house hold. For examples and instructions of how to play, please look in the Numeracy section below. We would love to see pictures of your Top Trump cards or videos of you telling us about them. Please email them to us.



This week we are learning to: gather ideas to plan our writing.

What is a hero?

What does the word 'hero' mean to you? Is it someone strong and muscular, kind and caring, or clever and wise?


Your task is to create a mind map including all your ideas about what a hero is.

You could include:

  • adjectives to describe heroes
  • examples of heroes
  • names of famous heroes
  • names of 'every day heroes'
  • descriptions of heroic acts.


Scroll down to see some different examples of mind maps.

Topic - Heroes

This week we are learning to: use a range of materials to create a model.

Can you make your own superhero model?

With your parents/carers' permission, collect items from around the house and create your very own hero. Will they be strong, mighty, kind, intelligent or speedy? 

You could use:

  • toilet roll tubes
  • milk cartons
  • cardboard
  • packages and containers
  • bottle lids
  • paint or felt tips
  • old clothes/materials (ask permission first!)

IMPORTANT: You MUST have adult supervision when using scissors or hot glue. 

Scroll down to see examples of what your model might look like.


This week we are learning to:

Hello Owls, for your well being session this week we are going to listen to a mindfulness story. Please click on the recording below.

Heroes activities.mp4

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Activities explained by Miss Sanderson
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