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Week 11: 6.7.20

Week beginning: Monday 06/07/20

Due back: Friday 10/7/20 (post on Seesaw or email teachers)

Theme: Olympics


Our topic is.....

The Olympics


Important message about this week's activities:

We hope you are enjoying our new topic as much as we are enjoying teaching it. We are so proud to be your teachers, the work you are producing is getting better each week and you returned to school last week with the biggest smiles on your faces. 

It was truly wonderful to see you all. 


Each of these tasks will be broken down into three smaller chunks. One of these chunks will be ‘starred’ (***) and this is the activity that we will do with you in class on the day you are in school. If you are not returning, then all three chunks should be completed at home.


This week we are learning to: select the appropriate steps and information needed to complete a word problem.


This week we are going to be writing and answering sports based word problems. You will need to read the word problem carefully to work out what it is asking you to do. You will need to select the right operation to use (+ - x / ÷ ) and if it is a two or three step word problem, the order in which you need to solve it. See the examples under ‘resources’ / Seesaw Activities. 


You Maths tasks this week are:

1.** Write your own sports-based word problems ** On Seesaw Activities.


2. On Seesaw Activities, choose your chilli challenge and answer the word problems set by your teacher. Once you have done these, have a go at answering your friends’ word problems that will appear on your Seesaw journal. 


3. Sumdog challenge – logon to Sumdog where a challenge has been set for you.






This week we are learning to: communicate for a range of purposes


1. Create a mindmap describing Tokyo

Under ‘Resources’ or Seesaw Activites, you’ll find a PowerPoint about Tokyo. Watch this and then create a mindmap of adjectives to describe what you see. Please try to address your senses (hear, see, feel, touch, taste) and include alliteration.


2. Write a descriptive paragraph about Tokyo

Using your mindmap, we would like you to turn these descriptions into a longer piece of writing      to describe Tokyo. 


3.** Freeze frames ** 

We will be watching the men’s 5, 000m final from London 2012 and discussing how Mo Farah might’ve been feeling at different points in the event. We will choose key moments in the race to ‘freeze’. We will imitate Mo’s facial expression and body language and upload photos to Seesaw. We will then use the ‘record’ tool to describe how we think Mo is feeling at this moment. What is he thinking? What can he see? What can he hear? 







This week we are learning to: experiment with and examine the methods used by other artists from different cultures.


1.***This week, we are going to be looking at videos and pictures of The Forest Lights Art Gallery in Tokyo. 


Open the PowerPoint in ‘Topic’ resources below to see the videos and photographs. After you have looked at them, think about how did they make you feel? What sorts of colours are used? How would you like to create your artwork? 


You can use many different materials to make your art; crepe paper, finger paints, layers of paper, chalk etc.



2.  In school this week, we enjoyed looking at all the different flags shown at the Olympics. Can you complete this cross word to match the flag to the country that it represents? The cross word is in the ‘Topic’ folder in the resources section below.


3. We would now like you to create your own Olympics based crossword. You could make another crossword about the flags or about the types of sport in the Olympics or names of the athletes. We can’t wait to see your finished crossword!





This week we are learning to: engage confidently in regular physical activity 


Be Active!

Exercise is good for our mental and physical health. For children of your age, the NHS recommends an average of at least 60 minutes moderate intensity exercise a day, including some aerobic exercise and some that strengthen muscles and bones. 


1.Take part in a live session of ‘PE with Joe’ on Monday, Wednesday or Friday at 9am.


2.**Take part in a yoga session with Mrs Castle** Mrs Castle will be recording a yoga session for you to follow along at school. This will be recorded and uploaded on Monday for those of you who are not returning to school this week. 




3. Hold a family mini Olympics can you organise a mini Olympics for your family to compete in? What events could you do? How many events will you each take part in? How will this be scored? We would love to see photos or videos of this and see you getting active with your family! 

If you need resources for this week's learning, go to Seesaw or email Miss Sanderson or Mrs Castle.

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