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Week 2: 27.4.20

Home Learning Help With Miss Wade

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Week beginning: Monday 27/4/20

Due back: Friday 1/5/20 (email to teachers)

Theme: Heroes


This week we are learning to: add pairs of numbers.


Can you add pairs of numbers to make the numbers on the superheroes?


Choose the challenge that suits you best: 10, 100 or 1000.


Example (medium):




Find as many pairs as you can using any methods you like.


Don't forget to show your workings out!


This week we are learning to: choose and use words from our imaginations.


Look at this photograph.



Use your imagination to answer the questions below.

Write your answers into a notebook, type them up on a device or video yourself speaking.

There are no right or wrong answers!


  • Who are the people in the photograph? 
  • What are they doing here? 
  • Where was this photograph taken?
  • Is the person on top of the rock trying to help?
  • Who is the hero in this photograph?
  • What do you think happened before this photograph was taken?
  • What do you think is going to happen next?

Topic - Heroes

This week we are learning to: use different materials to create an image.


You might have seen in peoples windows (or maybe in your own window), families showing their support for the NHS by displaying rainbow posters like these: 



We would like you to make your own rainbow creation, showing your support for the NHS, encouraging people to stay home and to stay safe!


Here are some ideas of what you could do...


1. Use chalk on the pavement/in your garden?

2. Create a rainbow pattern with fruit and vegetables?

3. Organise your toys in colour order to create a rainbow pattern?



Please go into this weeks TOPIC resources to find pictures of rainbows to give you ideas and inspiration.


This week we are learning to: focus our attention and be aware that we are able to do this. 


This week we are going to complete a yoga activity. Please think about how you feel before carrying out the activity and after. If you feel calm and positive, try to carry that feeling with you all day.


Please click on the video below. We hope that you enjoy!





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