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Week 3: 04.05.20

Week beginning: Monday 4/5/20

Due back: Friday 8/5/20 (email to teachers or post on Seesaw)

Theme: Heroes


This week we are learning to: try different ways to solve a problem.


A shop is selling these items to raise money for our NHS heroes:



Find ALL the different ways you could spend these amounts of money on the items:

Choose the chilli challenge that suits you best or try all 3!



If I had 20p I could buy:

4 pencils (5+5+5+5=20)


2 lollipops (10+10=20)


1 lollipop and 2 pencils (10+5+5=20)


Remember to show how you worked it out.


This week we are learning to: read a comic strip on Giglets and answer higher order thinking questions. 



Please log onto Giglets using your log in information provided.


If you have any difficulties doing this please contact Miss Wade and she can offer support.


You have been assigned the comic book 'The Greatest FA Cup Goal Scorer', about Welsh sporting hero Ryan Giggs. You might notice something special about the author of this comic... it is David Brayley!

Please enjoy reading this comic and answer the questions assigned to you on Giglets.


You can also find the questions below and answer them on a piece of paper or on an electronic device and upload them straight to Seesaw for Miss Wade, Miss Sanderson and Mrs Castle to see.


Remember: Who was the manager of Arsenal in 1999?


Understand: Why did Ryan Giggs feel nervous before the FA Cup Semi-Final?


Apply: Can you explain why Giggs is described as ‘out of control’ after the goal?


Analyse: Why do you think players started making mistakes in extra time?


Evaluate: Do you agree that Giggs’ goal should be described as ‘the greatest FA Cup goal ever scored’? Give reasons for your answer.


Create: Imagine you are a sports journalist interviewing Giggs after the match. What questions would you ask him?

Topic - Heroes

This week we are learning to: 

WALT explore, experiment with colour to create a comic strip


For topic this week we would like you to create a comic strip based on the character or characters you have been creating for the last couple if weeks. Please look at the examples of comic strips to help create ideas. Please think about the colours you use in your comic strip. Will you use bright colours to make an energetic and vibrant comic strip? Or will you use darker colours to make a more sinister and moody comic strip?


Please make sure that you include some onomatopoeia  (onomatopoeia is is when a word describes a sound and actually sounds like the sound of the object or action it refers to when it is spoken) in your comic strip such as; pow!, bam! Thwack! 


You can create your comic strip through any media of your choice. You could draw it and colour it using colouring pencils, pens or paint. Or you could make your comic strip digitally using Story Board That or Marvel Web Warrior to create your character or copy and paste pictures from the Internet or Marvel Web Warrior into Puppet Pal. These are just ideas. You can create your comic strip any way you would like. We can’t wait to see your ideas.


What is a comic strip? A comic strip is a sequence of drawings in boxes that tell an funny story, typically printed in a newspaper or magazine.


This week we are learning to: sustain activity over an appropriate period of time.


This week Captain Tom celebrated his 100th birthday! Captain Tom is a World War 2 hero, who completed 100 laps of his garden to raise money for the NHS!



We would like you to follow in Captain Tom's footsteps this week, and complete 100 exercises!


You could choose to do...

  • 100 laps of your garden
  • 100 laps of your bedroom
  • 100 star jumps
  • 100 sit ups
  • 100 squats


You could complete these all in one day, or split them up over the week.


Please photograph or video your achievements and upload to Seesaw. Good luck!

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