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Week 4: 11.5.20

Week beginning: Monday 11/5/20

Due back: Friday 15/5/20 (post on Seesaw or email teachers)

Theme: Heroes


This week we are learning to: recall times tables.

Can you be a times tables superhero?

Use this awesome game to help you to practise recalling your times tables at super speed!

1) Choose a times table (2-12)

2) Choose a challenge

Mild: 3 minutes        Medium: 2 minutes        Spicy: 1 minute         Super spicy: 30 seconds (ahh!)

3) Start your timer

4) Race to multiply your number by the numbers on the outside before the time runs out!


You will need to practise lots of times to improve your speed. Once you have mastered your chosen times table, move on to another.


You can play the game straight on Seesaw, print it out, draw your own at home, or simply write your answers on a piece of paper. Scroll down to 'Resources' to find the game.


Upload your completed games on Seesaw or even a video of you doing it!

We'd love to see a comment telling us how you did. Good luck!


This week we are learning to: write about our experiences.

Hello Owls,

It is now the Summer term, and your time as a Year 4 Owl will be slowly coming to an end. 

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for being the best class ever this year. As you know, you are the first class I have ever taught since becoming a qualified teacher and I have had the most amazing year with you all creating wonderful memories which will last a life time.

As I begin to write your Summer reports, I would love it if you could share with me some of your highlights from the year. I would like you to think about...


1. What have you enjoyed this year whilst being in Year 4?

2. What is your favourite memory from this year?

3. Next year, what could your target be for Year 5?

4. When you are older, what would you like to be, or what do you want to do?


You can respond to these questions by: a video (ask someone to record you) or writing out your responses. Please answer these questions in full sentences and you can include as much information as you like.


I will also attach to this task a template with examples of things we have done this year to prompt your memory or to give you examples of you may wish to consider. You can edit this template if you wish or respond as suggested above.


I look forward to seeing your answers, and I have no doubt remembering some of the wonderful times we have had together will bring a huge smile to my face.

Thank you for all of your hard work Owls,

Take care and I miss you all lots.

Miss Wade xx


This week we are learning to: use timelines to sequence events.

For topic this week we are going to be looking at heroes in history. These are people who have done truly wonderful things. We would like you to read through the information provided to find out about each person then plot on a timeline of when that person was born and when he or she died. The first one has been done for you and there is a timeline template to help.


The 'Heroes of History' PowerPoint and timeline is saved into the topic resources below.



This week we are learning to: communicate safely with our friends.

It has been a very long time since we have been to school, and perhaps for some of you a very long time since you have seen or spoken to any of your friends. Communicating with friends is so important to make sure we remain happy and healthy in our minds.


This week, with the permission and supervision of an adult we would like to encourage you to speak to the other Owls! This could be done by: emailing them through Hwb (finding their email addresses within the emails you have received), perhaps your parent/guardian has the phone number of one of the other Owl's parent/guardian or through responding to this task on Seesaw with comments to one another.


Remember: It is more important than ever to be KIND and RESPECTFUL.When speaking to your friend, make sure to ask them, how are they? what are they up to? how are they getting on with their home learning? have they been enjoying the sunshine?


You could video yourself letting us know who you communicated with and how it made you feel, or write a few sentences including the method you used to communicate with a friend and how you felt afterwards.


Us Owl teachers are very lucky that we are able to communicate with one another regularly and chat about how we are feeling and what we are up to, and so it would be great for you Owls to have a safe and sensible catch up with one another!


Happy chatting!



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