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Week 5: 18.5.20

Week beginning: Monday 18/5/20

Due back: Friday 22/5/20 (post on Seesaw or email teachers)

Theme: Heroes


This week we are learning to: solve division problems.

Now you are on your way to becoming a times tables super hero, you are ready to master division!

Dividing is all about ‘sharing equally’. If I have 10 apples and I share them between 2 people, they will get 5 apples each. (10 divided by 2 is 5). I can count up in 2s to help me.


You are going to complete some division wheels this week by dividing the numbers around the outside by the number in the middle.


Choose the division that suits you best and complete it lots of times to improve your confidence and speed. You could time yourself like last week.


It might help you to do it practically, by sorting objects into groups. You could do this in lots of fun ways around the house or outside. Here are some ideas:
* Sharing out lego into lunch boxes.
* Sharing dried pasta into cups.
* Sharing sweets or grapes with your teddies.
* Sharing leaves or stones into circles drawn with chalk outside.


Complete the wheels straight onto Seesaw or upload a picture or video.


Scroll down to 'Resources' -> 'Numeracy' to watch Miss Sanderson’s video to help you and feel free to message me with any questions you have!



This week we are learning to:  find information and ideas from web pages, using different search methods, considering which are the best methods


Last week you learned about the ‘Heroes of History’. This week we would like you to research (learn about) one of the Heroes of History. Please explain why you have picked that hero.


There is a brilliant website called National Geographic Kids ( where you will be able to find lots of information. We would like you to write down what you have found out and either post it on Seesaw or record yourself telling us what you have found out and upload it to Seesaw. If you could draw a picture of your chosen hero then that would be fantastic! We can’t wait to hear about what you have found out.


This week we are learning to: identify and locate places and environments using a map.

Using the information from the Heroes of History PowerPoint that we have made for you, we would like you to find the countries where these heroes were born on a map. You could do this online by editing the template below, print a picture of a map and draw arrows or sketch a picture of the world map adding the names of the heroes to where they are from. Marie Curie has been done for you. The Heroes of History PowerPoint and map template is saved in topic resources below.


Can you name the seven continents? Can you find Wales on the map? Which country looks the biggest?


This week we are learning to: plan and perform dance sequences. 

Dancing helps us to keep fit, reduce stress, build confidence and have fun!


We would like you to get dancing this week and upload a video or picture on Seesaw showing us your moves.
Here are some ideas:
•    Teach a dance to your family and perform it together.
•    Learn a routine from Miss Sanderson’s Dance Club on the school website. 
•    Follow along with one of the ‘Just Dance’ routines.
•    Put on your favourite song and dance away in your garden/living room/bedroom/anywhere!


See ‘resources’ for links, videos and ideas.


Happy dancing!

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