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Week 6: 01.6.20

1/6/20: Owls' class message

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Listen to this video all the way through to help you to understand this week's activities

Week beginning: 1/6/20

Due back: Friday 5/6/20 (post on Seesaw or email teachers)

Theme: Heroes


This week we are learning to: order numbers up to 1000.

We are now using an exciting program called 'Sumdog' where you can improve your maths by playing games. You can download the app or logon to the website at Mrs Castle has sent you your login details on Seesaw and in a text to parents. There is also a video on Seesaw to help you. Please email Mrs Castle if you need any further support with it.


This week we are learning to: use a range of imaginative words.


Watch the animation using this link and think about what is happening. It is usually a good idea to watch it twice! Who is the hero in this story? Is it the lighthouse keeper or the villagers? Or maybe they are all heroes, as they come together to help guide the boat away from the village.


Your task this week is to think of exciting words to describe different moments from this story. You need to write the words around the pictures like I have done in this example.


To find adventurous vocabulary, use where you can type in a word like 'cold' and it will give you better words such as 'bitter' that has a similar meaning.

SPICY CHALLENGE: Once you have thought of lots of words, try using your words to create descriptive sentences like this:

You can find the pictures if you scroll down to the 'Resources' section and click on 'Literacy' or find them on Seesaw.


We can't wait to see what wonderful vocabulary you come up with!


This week we are learning to: make a prediction and carry out an experiment.

Can you help this heroic pilot by carrying out a Science experiment? Your task this week is to create 3 different paper airplanes and test to see which one flies the furthest. The most important part is deciding which plane you think will be the best and explaining why!


You must:

1) Fold 3 pieces of paper/card to make 3 different paper plane designs. (Use the instructions on or make them up and name them yourself!)

2) Make a prediction (a thoughtful guess with a strong reason) about which plane you think will go the furthest and why.

3) Choose a big space to test them out.

4) Throw each plane in turn.

5) Measure how far each plane has travelled (use a measuring tape or count the number of footsteps).

6) Write down your results. You must complete the template in your own words, using my example to help you to understand what to do. We would also love to see pictures/videos of you doing the experiment!


The example and template can be found if you scroll down to 'Resources'->'Topic' and can also be found on Seesaw where you can write straight onto it.


Good luck!


This week we are learning to: observe the natural environment.

We would like you to go on a nature walk with your family this week. This can be anywhere safe (park, cycle path, woods, beach, your garden) where you can see things from nature (trees, flowers, leaves, sand, streams, shells, animals, leaves etc.)


Take time to stop, look around and explore the environment. What can you hear, see, smell, touch? What colours can you see? How does it make you feel? Is there anything you want to find out more about?


Keep a record of what you have observed by:

• Taking photos/video

• Doing some pencil sketches

• Creating rubbings using a piece of paper and a crayon/pencil

• Making a list of what you saw/found

• Taking some bits home with you to draw or put in a scrap book

• Writing down words to describe what you can see.

However you choose to record your observations, post it onto Seesaw for your teachers and friends to enjoy and learn about. Happy exploring!


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