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Week 7: 08.6.20

Week beginning: Monday 8/6/20

Due back: Friday 12/6/20 (post on Seesaw or email teachers)

Theme: Heroes


WALT: add and subtract numbers within 100 in our heads.


Please either download the Sumdog app or login at - a challenge has been set for you where you will add and subtract numbers within 100 in your head. Parents should have received a text message with your login codes and they have also been sent on Seesaw. If you need them again, please either email Mrs Castle or send a message on Seesaw. There is a video below which shows how to logon to Sumdog. Have fun!


This week we are learning to: use a range of imaginative words.


Last week we were inspired by the animation 'The Lighthouse' and gathered lots of exciting words and phrases using our imaginations and a thesaurus. This week we are going to write wonderful descriptions of settings from hero stories. Here is an example:

There are 9 more hero story settings to choose from in 'Resources' -> 'Literacy'. You must use the picture and key words to help you to write 1 paragraph describing the setting. You can choose one or more - it depends how much you would like to challenge yourself!


Brilliant basics:
Capital letters
Full stops
Neat presentation
Check for spelling and sense


Wonderful WOWs:
Exciting adjectives (use to help)
Use the 5 senses (see, hear, smell, touch, taste)

Adventurous adverbs (slowly, silently, suddenly)
Start your sentences in different ways


Remember, our goal is to entice the reader with an exciting setting description which makes them eager to read more. We can't wait to read your wonderful writing!


We are learning to: find meaning when reading in Welsh.


Here is a description of a superhero called 'Katrin cwl' written in Welsh.

Your task is to use the description to draw an accurate picture of Katrin. First, you will need to read the description 2 or 3 times! You could try reading it out loud to a family member. Then you must work out the meaning of each sentence - I have included some help in 'Resources' -> 'Topic' to jog your memories!


Your drawing must include all of the details in the description (including colours, hobbies, her pet etc.) to show you have understood the Welsh. You could draw it straight onto Seesaw or on paper and take a photograph. Can you label each part of your picture in Welsh? E.g. ‘llygaid oren mawr’.


BONUS TASK: Go to to find lots of fantastic games to help you to learn and practise your Welsh.


We are learning to: self-regulate my emotions in a healthy way using strategies that I have developed.


For this week's well being task, we are going to revisit the 'learning pit'. At the start of the year, we worked together to create our class 'learning pit' display. If you can imagine our classroom, the display was at the front of the class, above my desk.

The display was put together with pictures of us as a class outside, pretending to climb up the walls of the play ground - as if we were climbing out of a pit! Together, we generated idea's of tools we could use to help ourselves when we find ourselves in the pit and problem solving techniques which could help us when we are facing a new challenge.


This week, we would like you to recreate a 'learning pit' at home. We would like you to then use your creation to motivate and inspire you to complete the other tasks you have been set this week. You may wish to:


1. Draw a 'learning pit' on a piece of paper using colouring pencils, pens or paint.

2. Create a 3D 'learning pit' model using Lego, figures or dolls.

3. Create a 'learning pit' by taking photos of yourself in your garden or in the outdoors.


Get creative and imaginative, and please show us what you have created. Remember, when in the 'pit', you are on your way to deep learning which results in success. You can use your 'pit' to help you stay focused with your home learning tasks this week and to prepare yourselves for when we come back to school. We look forward to seeing your creations!

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