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Week 8: 15.6.20

Week beginning: Monday 15/6/20

Due back: Friday 19/6/20 (post on Seesaw or email teachers)

Theme: Heroes



This week we are learning to: calculate the perimeter of squares and rectangles.


We are using sumdog again this week!


Please watch the video on Seesaw by Mrs Castle showing you how to calculate the perimeter of squares and rectangles. Then decide how to challenge yourself with the mild, medium and spicy activities! The activity sheets have been sent in a separate activity on Seesaw.


This week we are learning to: use a range of imaginative words to describe a character.


Last week you wrote some wonderful setting descriptions using adventurous word choices. This week we are going to focus on describing a hero, using detailed description and exciting adjectives to help the reader to imagine the character.


Try to include details about the character’s appearance (including body shape, facial features, hair and clothing) to give the reader clues about their personality. Look at the example. What clues do you get about Evita’s personality for this description? There are 10 heroic characters to describe on Seesaw - you can choose one or more. They are all made-up so use your imagination to think about why they might be heroes!


Click on 'Add Response' then your name to find the pictures of the characters.

Brilliant basics:

*Capital letters

*Full stops

*Neat presentation

*Check for spelling and sense


Wonderful WOWs:

*Commas to separate adjectives in a list (hazel, feline eyes)

*Exciting word choices (use to help)

*Detailed, extended sentence (not just ‘she has brown hair’)


We can’t wait to read your fantastic descriptions!


This week we are learning to: express and begin to justify their own feelings and opinions.


Please watch this video below about Dr. Martin Luther King with a parent or guardian:


You may have seen in the news lately that lots of people are trying to make the world a more equal and fair place for everyone to live in and be happy. Dr. Martin Luther King also wanted the world to be a fair and happy place for everybody and his famous speech 'I have a dream' is still referred to today, inspiring others to be kind and treat others equally.


Dr. Martin Luther King's dream was for all people across the world, no matter what colour their skin, to be treated with kindness, respect and equality. This week, we would like you to express your feelings and begin to think about, what is your dream for the world? Is it for children across the world to be treated the same? For corona virus to be gone? For animals who need help to be rescued? For people in other countries to have the same opportunities we do?


Whatever your dream may be, we would love you to share that with us, either in the form of: 1. Writing a speech like Dr. Martin Luther King, beginning with 'I have a dream'.

2. Designing a poster, explaining to us what your dream is.

3. A video recording of yourself explaining your dream for the world. We are so excited for you to share your dreams with us, you are the future!


This week we are learning to: reflect on our experiences.


'Lockdown' has been a very unusual time in our lives! We haven't been able to go to school, see some people we love, or do some of the things we enjoy. However, we have been able to spend extra time with our families and have been lucky with some beautiful weather. I'm sure there have been some good times and some difficult times.


This is your chance to reflect (think back) on your lockdown experience to help you to understand your thoughts and feelings better. Your task is to complete the 'Lockdown 2020' thought activity which can be found if you click 'Add Response' and your name on Seesaw. There are 8 boxes to complete altogether.


Please remember, your teachers are still here for you if you ever need to talk. We are so proud of how you and your families have coped through this strange time. We are looking forward to seeing some of you in school soon!


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