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Week 9: 22.6.20

Week beginning: Monday 22/6/20

Due back: Friday 26/6/20 (post on Seesaw or email teachers)

Theme: Heroes


This week we are learning to: select appropriate mathematics and techniques to use.


This week we need to sharpen our maths skills ready to help the Prime Minister to capture the joker! I have set you up a competition on Sumdog to practice lots of your maths skills. The competition will run from Monday to Friday.


Lots of you have already logged on to Sumdog - that's excellent, well done. If you haven't then don't worry, there is still plenty of time. You have been sent your login codes through Seesaw. If you need any help, then please message Mrs Castle who will be happy to help. Remember, we are only using Sumdog for maths so make sure that you select 'maths' once you have logged in.


(Sumdog is clever and it learns the level you are working at; this means that everyone is competing in the same competition but will be answering questions for their own level.)


You can either access Sumdog via your web browser using this link:


or you can download the Sumdog App (education).



This week we are learning to: consider the purpose and reader in our writing.


Are you a Handwashing Hero?


You might have noticed that some things are beginning to return to normal – some shops are opening, we can meet people from a distance, and schools are beginning to reopen. However, it is still so important to continue washing our hands regularly and thoroughly to protect ourselves and others around us.


Your task is to write a set of instructions on 'How to be a Handwashing Hero’. Watch this video and look at the poster showing the steps involved in proper handwashing. You can use this to help you to write your own more detailed instructions.


Your instructions should include:

  • A title – How to be a Handwashing Hero
  • A 'You will need' list
  • Numbered steps
  • Time connectives – First, Next, Then, After, Finally (find more in ‘Resources’)
  • Adverbs – carefully, slowly, quickly, firmly (find more in ‘Resources’)
  • Diagrams (pictures).


Wonderful WOWs:

  • Brackets for extra information – (the water should be warm but not boiling)
  • Rhetorical question – Have you ever wanted…?


You can type your instructions or hand write them and upload onto Seesaw. I have included an example of a set of instructions that you could use to help you.


Please find all the help sheets for this activity in the 'Resources' section below under 'Literacy'.


BONUS TASK: Create a video tutorial of 'How to be a Hand Washing Hero!'


This week we are learning to: design and make a superheroes lair using 2D images (LNF) 

and measure and calculate the perimeter of squares and rectangles.


Great news! The prime minster needs our help! He wants us to try to help him to capture The Joker! First we need to build our superhero headquarters - our lair! For numeracy last week, you learnt how to calculate the perimeter of squares and rectangles. This is going to be very useful to help the prime minister! What you need to do is to create a map of your own super heroes lair and calculate the perimeter of the areas of the buildings you have created in your map. It would be easiest to do this by creating your map onto squared paper but if you don’t have any you could add in squares to you buildings and then calculate the perimeters - see my example. The prime minister has said that the total perimeters of all of your buildings must add up to more than 100! Remember - your buildings must be either square or rectangle in shape. There is squared paper and and example map saved in 'Topic Resources' below.


Good luck! The prime minister looks forward to seeing your plans! 

What is a lair? A lair is another name for a den. 



-To calculate the perimeter of a square, count one of the sides of a square and times it by 4. 

-To calculate the perimeter of a rectangle, count the one of the longest sides and one of the shortest sides and add this number together and then times it by 2. 


Please watch the instructional video from last week if you need more help.



This week we are learning to: understand how the environment can be affected by our decisions.


We all know how important it is to take care of our planet so we continue to live in a beautiful world for years to come. Did you know some of the changes we have made recently are having an impact on the environment? As schools and businesses have been closed and many people have been working from home, there have been fewer cars on the roads. This has helped to reduce carbon emissions (one of the main causes of Global Warming).


Watch this video to learn more:


Life is beginning to return to normal as we are fighting the COVID-19 virus - however this will probably mean that carbon emissions will increase again.


Your task is to design an 'Environment Superhero'. Your superhero needs to try to encourage people to walk and cycle where they can to reduce the amount they use cars and other forms of transport that cause carbon emissions. Choose a name, draw a picture of him/her and write a short paragraph about them. Could they have a speech bubble coming from their mouth? Could they be holding a sign?

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