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Eco Schools

2021 - 2022 Eco Warriors 


Land Phase 

Badgers - Hendrix and Aro 

Squirrels - Samara and Rory 

Foxes - Tommy and Fagan 

Hedgehogs - Kenan and Rahma 



Sky Phase 

Robins - Muhaim and Joshua 

Wrens - Jaxon and Sumu 

Macaws - Tobi and Lexi 

Kingfishers - Dawud and Rajashwee 

Toucans - Lola and Arda

In December 2020, we retained the prestigious Eco Schools Platinum Award . A huge thank you to past and present Eco Committees and Eco Staff.

The Eco Committee are committed to learning about and improving the environment. The Eco Committee cover nine topic areas to help our school achieve an overall approach to sustainable development and global citizenship. We choose a few at a time to improve upon and come up with an action plan. You can see what we have been up to in the sub-pages below.


Look out for our Eco Monitors checking waste, litter and energy around the school and surroundings.

                                       ECO CODE

Schools should be healthy, so try to lead a healthy lifestyle.
Use things as many times as possible before throwing away.
Save water by turning off the taps.

Try to buy local or fair-trade produce.

Always put litter in the bins provided.

If you can, walk, cycle, take the bus or share cars.

Nurture the outdoor environment.

Always shut windows and doors when the heating is on.

Be careful not to leave things on standby.

Lights use lots of energy: turn them off!

Enjoy the benefits of an Eco friendly environment.

A Recognised Eco School Since 2004

Terrace Road Primary School Swansea