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Restorative Practice


What is Restorative Practice?


The aim of Restorative Practice is to develop community and to manage conflict and tensions by repairing harm and building relationships. Restorative Practices are a philosophy and ought to guide the way we act in all our dealings. It is about a fair process, allowing everyone the opportunity to freely express their emotions. Always using fair processes and encouraging wrongdoers to take responsibility for harming others.


Restorative Practice at Terrace Road Primary School


At Terrace Road, Restorative Practice is part of everything we do. We believe that for children to be ready to learn, they must firstly feel happy and secure. Restorative Practice is a whole school approach and all of the staff have wholeheartedly made it part of their everyday practice. We do many things each day that are restorative and they have become a part of school life. One of the most important aspects of Restorative Practice is the language we use that positively affects everyone around us. This is what teaches our children social interaction, emotional literacy and understanding the impact of positive and negative behaviour. The way that we speak to each other and manage conflict is so incredibly vital to how we feel and this is why Restorative Practice is in the heart of our school.


Restorative Practice Resources

Restorative Buddies


Our Restorative Buddies promote RP throughout the school by wearing RP vests, badges and by taking part in workshops. They also facilitate circles to help other children resolve any issues or conflicts.The RP Buddies also work as a team to support children in the playgrounds during playtime.

They have regular meetings with Mrs Lloyd-Owen.