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Meet the Well-being Team at TRP!








  Miss J. EvansMiss K. Pountain (Family Liaison Officer) 


The Well-being Team is based in the Cwtch Enfys (Rainbow Room)- a room specifically designed to offer a calm and relaxed environment. 

Children are referred to the Team when certain behaviours are displayed or events at home or school cause concern and lead to a child requiring additional emotional support. The class teacher or parent can refer a child to well-being.

The Well-being team will assess the child's needs and then the child will attend a series of well-being sessions designed to help them develop their social skills, self-esteem and confidence, positive behaviours and self-awareness, as well as friendships. These sessions will either be on a 1:1 basis or working within a small group.

Each session will last around 30 minutes and will help the child to build on these areas through art and craft activities, social games and workbooks.

All Team members have received training using The Swansea Resilience Model. This is a strategic approach supporting the emotional well-being of children by creating a shared language for understanding, measuring and supporting resilience in children.