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Expressive Arts


The dynamic nature of the expressive arts can engage, motivate and encourage learners to develop their creative, artistic and performance skills to the full.

The Expressive Arts Area of Learning and Experience (Area) spans five disciplines: art, dance, drama, film and digital media and music. Although each discipline has its own discrete body of knowledge and body of skills, it is recognised that together they share the creative process.

There are three main 'What Matters' statements which support and complement one another.

Experiencing the expressive arts can encourage learners to develop not only their ability to appreciate the creative work of other people, but also their own creative talents, artistic skills and performance skills. The aim is to provide learners with opportunities to explore, refine and communicate ideas while thinking creatively and engaging their imagination and senses.


The 'What Matters' statements are:

Exploring the expressive arts is essential to developing artistic skills and knowledge and it enables learners to become curious and creative individuals.

Responding and reflecting, both as artist and audience, is a fundamental part of learning in the expressive arts.

Creating combines skills and knowledge, drawing on the senses, inspiration and imagination.

At Terrace Road, we believe that creativity is not something to be viewed in isolation.  It is an essential feature of all aspects of learning.  It is enjoyable and motivates the children.  It allows the children, whatever their ability, to express and learn about themselves and the world they live in.


The Land, Sea and Sky phases explore many of five disciplines across their topic learning. At Terrace Road we offer all Year 3 children the chance to learn Ukulele with Swansea Music Service. All children also have access to a range of extracurricular clubs such as Choir, Drama Club, Boomwhacker Club, Dance Club, Beach Art Club, Film Club and other termly activities.


Check out some pictures from our clubs, curriculum work and performances