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Welcome to Terrace Road Primary School. I hope our website gives you an insight into the wonderful things that happen in our school.


We are a diverse vibrant school where the happiness and well-being of the children is at the core of our philosophy. Restorative Practice principles and Value’s Education are at the heart of our school. We celebrate and relish the diversity that is Terrace Road and strive to develop the potential of every child in the school. We achieve this by making literacy and numeracy at the heart of the learning whilst providing an exciting broad and balanced curriculum.


Headteacher - Mrs Alison Evans


Terrace Road Primary School is situated on the steep hill of Mount Pleasant, Swansea. The school is a large four storey Victorian building overlooking the city of Swansea and its beautiful bay beyond (often considered a local landmark). The ground floor of the school houses the Infant classrooms (Foundation Phase) and the Junior classrooms (Key Stage 2) can be found on the third floor. Either side of the building are the Infant and Junior playgrounds.


The school also has a small garden which has been decorated with a large 'minibeasts' wall mural and tables and benches with mosaic tiles. The garden is often used as an outdoor classroom when the weather is fine.


Our History

When Townhill was populated by a mere smattering of farmhouses, local children had been educated in a nearby Chapel. However, as the demand for housing in Swansea had forced developers to build upon the steep slopes of Mount Pleasant and Townhill, the need for a purpose built school to accommodate the growing population became a priority. 

Terrace Road Primary School was built in 1887 and opened its gates to 220 pupils on Monday 27 August 1888, with ample space to accommodate 360 more.

By 1895, however, the school was becoming overcrowded with 600 pupils, so plans were put forward to extend the school by underpinning; to excavate the original foundation and build a new lower hall and classrooms under the existing building. The extension provided the space for a further 500 pupils.

On 7 July 1897, Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee year, a stone was unveiled by Christopher James Esquire (Chairman of the Building and Sites Committee) to commemorate the enlargement of the school. It has been reported that the luncheon provided at the event was deemed: "one of the most brilliant and representative educational gatherings ever held in the town".