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In schools, where children are in close and frequent contact with each other, infectious diseases can spread rapidly.

Outbreaks of infection not only interrupt the schooling of affected pupils but they can also disrupt the school's routine and incur costly control measures. Fortunately, there are a number of simple procedures that Terrace Road as a school can implement to help protect children and staff from infections and reduce the risk of outbreaks.


These include:


• Rigorous hygiene 
• Keeping infectious children and staff away from school, when appropriate 
• Ensuring prompt and appropriate treatment of infections 
• Immunisation 
• School policy gives clear guidance for effective practice

We need to reinforce the culture of hand washing from an early age so that it becomes second nature to children. This basic skill should be taught to children as soon as they are old enough and should be reinforced throughout their time at school.

At Terrace Road, we have introduced a hand washing song to the younger children in KS1 to remind them that they need to wash their hands before eating food and after going to the toilet.


Remember to wash your hands!

Germs are nasty!
Germs are mean!
We wash our hands to keep them clean,
Now its time to squirt the gel,
     Our hands and tummies are safe and well.