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As a school we are currently working towards our Gold Accreditation in Peace Mala. In 2020 we were delighted to receive our Silver Accreditation. 


During the Spring term 2022, we were fortunate to experience a traditional Thai dance workshop. The children from Sky Phase thoroughly enjoyed learning about Thai dance and the Thai culture. 


What is Peace Mala? 


A Peace Mala is a rainbow bracelet that is made up of 18 beads, 14 of which represent different religions coming together and living in harmony. The central white bead represents the wearer. The final single bead is used as a toggle to bring the bracelet around the wearer's wrist. This represents unity, harmony and peace. Peace Mala reminds us that each one of us is important no matter what our race, colour, religion, gender, sexuality, ability, age, size, social class or caste. The Peace Mala golden rule is 'Treat others as you would wish them to treat you.' We wear the Peace Mala bracelets to show that we are committed to the cause of Peace Mala.


Peace Mala at Terrace Road School


In 2020, Terrace Road School was awarded the Silver Peace Mala accreditation. Our pupils across the whole school took part in a range of events, fundraising, assemblies, trips and lessons about Peace Mala. All our staff are trained in Peace Mala's teachings. Peace Mala is taught as part of the curriculum for Year 3/4 and through whole school assemblies and events. Our pupils visited April Court Nursing Home to talk about their work and establish positive community links. We took part in 'Show Racism the Red Card', 'Anti-bullying Day', 'International Women's Day' and 'Remembrance Day' to name a few. We also fundraised for Children In Need, RSPCA, Water Aid and Llys Nini. 

Our Restorative Buddies, who are on the playgrounds at break times and lunchtimes, are part of the Peace Mala Council and work in collaboration with the RP buddies to spread the Golden Rule.

We revealed our Peace Mala garden in March 2019, where we were fortunate enough to have many of the parents join us, as well as the Lord Left Tennant, the High Sherriff and Mayor of Swansea. Photos of our work can be found below. 


Contact Details

More information on Peace Mala is available on the Peace Mala website. Or if you would like to find out any further information about the Peace Mala work that is being carried out at Terrace Road Primary School then please contact Mrs Jones at and she will be happy to arrange a time to speak with you. 


Our Peace Garden Opening - 27th March 2019

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