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Siarter Iaith







We are undertaking an exciting new Welsh Pilot Programme called Siarter Iaith Cymraeg.


  • The simple objective of the Language Charter is to provide a clear framework, which can be used to promote and increase the use of Welsh by children in a whole school context. The Charter’s main aim is to promote a strong Welsh ethos in schools and to provide a range of enriching activities that propel the children to enjoy learning Welsh.
  • The Language Charter requires participation from every member of the school community meaning the pupils and their parents, school governors and the wider community are all encouraged to take full ownership of it. The Criw Cymraeg are instrumental in leading and driving the Language Charter forward.


  • To ensure that all efforts are rewarded, the Charter is based on the principle that every school follows challenging but attainable targets in connection with promoting the use of the Welsh language. The specific targets included in the Language Charter can form part of a school’s Welsh Development Plan.
  • The Language Charter is based on steps that are deemed to be good practice, lots of which we are already doing!  Achieving these initial goals in the first year will ensure a bronze award for the school.

Our fantastic Criw Cymraeg are going to be busy taking assemblies, launching competitions and playing welsh games in our yards.

We look forward to updating you with our progress!

Mrs James and Mrs Roberts