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Terrace Road Primary School

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School Values

Our Vision


”United through Learning”

  • To provide a happy, welcoming, inclusive, safe and secure learning community, where expectations are high and where achievement is valued and success is celebrated.

  • To provide broad, balanced and relevant learning experiences that focus on the needs of the individual pupil, preparing them for life in the 21st Century and enabling them to become lifelong learners.

  • To provide a culture of improvement, reflection and evaluation based on partnership, trust, honesty and transparency, so that as a school, we can continue to grow, develop and improve.


Our School Aims


At Terrace Road Primary School we aim to:

  • Develop each child's true potential by providing quality teaching.

  • Nuture a caring, friendly ethos to encourage positive social and personal development.

  • Encourage a caring environment which feeds the spiritual, moral and cultural growth as well as the academic development of pupils.

  • Prepare children for future personal changes, by encouraging independance and determination alongside compassion and understanding.

  • Encourage children to reach, and the very least, their potential, and have the ambition and confidence to aim for the stars!