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Physical Education


During their time at Terrace Road Primary School children will follow a programme of physical education which will include aspects of dance, gymnastics, games, athletics, swimming and adventurous outdoor activities (walking, orienteering and cycling). 


The school has a yard area (marked for a variety of games), furthermore the school also uses Rosehill Quarry for P. E. activities. Wide ranges of sporting activities are undertaken during each year, which allow children the opportunity to represent the school e.g.  rugby,  netball,  football.  Representing the school is considered by us to be an achievement and is recognised as such.  We aim to give all children of all abilities the opportunity to participate in competitive events if they so desire.  We feel that taking part in such activities fosters a team spirit and collaboration within our pupils.





Key Stage 2 children have swimming lessons in the Leisure Pool at Penlan Leisure Centre during each academic year, Years three and four  visit the pool for two of the three terms in each year.  Children are encouraged to develop a good swimming style and aspects of Water Safety are also studied.  A specific swimming programme is followed.


Children are expected to dress appropriately during swimming lessons with girls wearing plain one-piece bathers and boys wearing swimming trunks (fashion swim shorts are considered to be inappropriate). Children with long hair are required to wear a bathing cap.


P.E. Kit


Children are expected to change for physical education lessons.  Girls wear black P.E. briefs/shorts and white tee-shirts.  Boys wear black shorts and a white tee-shirt.  Foundation phase pupils and pupils in KS1 wear the same kit as the older children.  In colder weather children are encouraged to bring a tracksuit for games lessons held outdoors.  All lessons in the hall are worked barefoot but for outdoor activities trainers are necessary, trainers and tracksuits are not to be worn indoors. 


Subject Leader: Miss R. Hurley


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